Tel-A-Fare Taxi Meter

Thank you for inquiring about this locally designed and assembled high quality instrument from us. The taximeter has been designed around the latest technology using only the highest standard components available. It is small and compact and is the size of a standard car radio.

The meter has the facility of two separate fares, and a built-in memory which records all accumulated trips and total takings.


The taximeter is comprised of two units, the main control box and the distance pickup. The Sensor (distance pickup) is a small unit which is connected to the vehicle’s speedometer cable, producing a pulse for every revolution of the cable. This revolution factor changes with every vehicle, and in some cases, also with every model of the same vehicle. The revolution factor has to be checked upon installation and is set by your local distributor or agent.

The main control box comprises a display and 4 switches, the display uses 8 or 10 digits for the hire mode, 3/4 digits for the EXTRAS and the remaining 5/6 digits for the running FARE.


Punch this key to start your fare. At this point, the display will show the Flagfall. The meter is now working on the time factor. The moment the vehicle reaches approximately 10 to 15km/h, the TIME” light will extinguish and the meter will monitor distance.


Push this key if waiting time is not required. The “PAUSE” lamp will light, also in this mode ‘EXTRAS” will not function. To get out of this mode depress the “PAUSE” button. Note you must be in the “PAUSE” mode before the pay mode can be reached.


You can only reach this mode if the meter is in the “PAUSE” mode. Once you have pressed this button, the meter will add the “EXTRAS” (if any) to the main fare. Note that the vehicle can still be operated in this mode, but only distance will function and there will be no “waiting time”. The display now will show “PAY” in place of “EXTRAS”.

VACANT -Push this key, and the fare will be recorded in the memory. The display will show “FOR HIRE1” or “FOR HIRE2”, depending on which fare the meter has been set. The meter is now ready for a new trip.

EXTRAS – With the meter in the “HIRE” mode AND
in the fare mode, each depression of this switch will add units to the “EXTRAS”. Note that when the meter is in the “PAUSE” mode, the “EXTRAS” key is disabled.


When the meter is in the “HIRE” mode and in the fare mode, depressing this switch will clear the extras on display. This is required when an error is made in entering the extras.


With the meter in the vacant mode, and the display showing “FOR HIRE1”, pressing the “FARE” key, will cause the display to show “FARE2”. When this key is released, the display will show “FOR HIRE2”. Conversely, if the display was “FOR HIRE2”, pressing the fare key will change the display to “FAREl” and when the key is released, the display will show “FOR HIRE1”. Depending on the figure that is shown on the display, the fare will follow the internal tariff settings.


When this key is pressed, the internal fare takings are displayed. Every time the key is pressed, new data is displayed, as follows:

1- Total Fare Takings
2- Total Trips
3- Total Extras
4- Total Paid Distance Drops
5- Total Paid Time Drops
6- Total Paid KM
7- Total KM Run

8- Shift Total Fare Takings
9- Shift Total Trips
A- Shift Total Extras
B- Shift Total Paid Distance Drops
C- Shift Total Paid Time Drops
D- Shift Total Paid KM
E- Shift Total KM Run



To clear the shift totals press the “PAUSE” key when the message “CLEAR” appears on the display. If the values are to be retained, then simply press the “MEM” key again. Please note that cumulative totals can only be cleared at the TEL-A-FARE installer, and this procedure requires that the seal of the meter be broken.