3.5 Digit Digital Panel meter

The Microsolve Volts or Amp meter covers all the requirements that you may have in a DC or A.C. environment. This state of the art instrument uses a dual slope analogue to digital converter technology to bring you an inexpensive yet reliable and accurate instrument. Designed using the minimum of components for long term reliability, the measuring algorithm takes approximately 3 readings per second, yet the display is updated in such a manner that the reading is comfortable on the eye.

Single Phase Volt / Amp Meters

This instrument has been specifically designed for voltage supply and current monitoring in diverse applications such as motor panels, process control, temperature control, in fact any application in which the voltage or current needs to be monitored.

The Amp meter instrument has been designed for a maximum input of 5 Amps continuous. Higher currents will require the use of a instrument Class 1 type of current transformer with a secondary ratio of 5 Amps or a resistive shunt. The display can be easily adjusted to accommodate the ratio of the current transformer or shunt by simply adjusting a 15 turn potentiometer on the main board. Access to this potentiometer, requires the user to remove the bezel and front plastic plate, and with an insulated shaft mini screwdriver, rotate the potentiometer until the desired current value is displayed. We suggest that the current transformer ratio be known at the time of ordering the instrument.