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1000W – Modified Sine Wave Inverter

Product Description

This 1000W inverter can convert 12VDC from a car battery to 220V/50HZ AC, to drive any electrical appliance with a consumption below 1000W.

Typical applications include camping, load shedding, power black outs or areas in which there is no mains power.

Typical equipment that can be powered by the inverter include :-

LED lighting, DVD, note book, desktop PC, printer, fax machine, photo copier, LED or LCD TV, DSTV Decoder, and power tools which have a running power rating below 500W.


– Input voltage: 12V DC from battery
– Output voltage: 220V modified Sine Wave
– Output frequency: 50HZ
– Peak power: 2000W
– Continuous power : 800W
– USB Output : 5V
– Dimensions : 220mm X 89mm X 47mm
– Weight : 0.8KG
– Internal Protection : Short circuit \overload \under voltage \over voltage \overheating